President's Award 2017


A Lodge must complete 4 out of 6 of Group I requirements and 6 out of 10 of Group II requirements from August 10, 2016 through August 10, 2017 except as noted below.

A form will be sent to you from our awards chairman in May. The form must be submitted to the Awards Chairman NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1, 2017.


(4 out 6)

1. Attend all F.M.D.O.A. meetings from September 2016 thru May 2017.

(*Current FMDOA, District Deputies, District Education, Grand Lodge Officers do not count towards attendance or obtaining the traveling gavel. NO EXCEPTIONS).

2. Attend the Grand Master’s Reception (May 6, 2017).

3. Attend the 1st and 6th District Outdoor Raising (08/2017).

4. Donate blood at Hoxworth under Avon-Miami Account (2017). 

(Your Lodge will get credit if the member is rejected during pre-screening by Hoxworth).

5. Be a Sponsor of the First Masonic District Grand Master’s Reception.

6. A current Line Officer presents 1 new Lecture.



(6 out of 10)

1. Sponsor / Host a widow’s program at your lodge.

2. Sponsor / Host an “Educational Light Night” with the assistance of the SOPM, DEOs & Deputies.

3. Attend one (1) of the Society of Past Masters F.I.L.L. or Educational Programs (two member minimum).

4. Obtain the Traveling Gavel (two times minimum).

5. Work in the First-Sixth-Seventh Masonic District Grand Lodge Hospitality Room (one hour).

6. Attend a Masonic Youth meeting / function (five members minimum).

7. Have two (2) members minimum of your Lodge participate in the Red, White, and Blue Ash Booths.

8. Attend Ohio Masonic Home Day & march with the First Masonic District (three member minimum).

9. Make donation to the First Lady's Charity.

10. Buy and/or sell (combined) Four ads for the roster or Grand Master's Reception Program.